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Morpheus Island III by Lutz-R. Frank

Video Ready!

Add video to your posts from any of your favorite video services, YouTube, Vimeo, etc…just copy/paste the embed code.

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Avebury Stone by Keith Marshall

Mulitple Templates!

Choose from multiple page templates, full width, w/sidebar and bonus contact page w/working AJAX form.

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Beach Huts by Keith Marshall

Widget Ready!

The sidebar and footer areas are both widget ready! Add, remove and rearrange widgets easily from the admin.

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Extensive Admin Panel

Loaded with Options!

Extensive admin panel, loaded with 70+ options, 8 different color schemes, “Create a Skin” and much more!

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Brighton Bath House by i

Hefty Documentation!

Easy to follow, detailed documentation will get you up and running within minutes of installing WP Summerlin.

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Rethymno old harbour by Theophilos

Flexible Homepage!

Two different layouts Default and Blog style, add as many or as little posts as you like in this area, all controlled easily through the custom admin panel.

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Beautiful Lake

HTML Test Page

The purpose of this HTML is to help determine what default settings are with CSS and to make sure that all possible HTML Elements are included in this HTML so as to not miss any possible Elements when designing a site.

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Business Team

Aenean porta orci

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A Little About Us

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