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WP Pro Real Estate 2 Testimonial

The support I received from Chris after purchasing his real estate 2 theme was fantastic. I have had many experiences with many other website designers and none have been as accommodating as Chris. After buying the theme, I had to customize a few things. Even though this change was not part of the theme, which I knew prior to purchase, Chris was willing to help me with my request. Not only did he fulfill my request, but I didn’t have to do anything! He took the time to make the necessary changes to a couple files, and sent the new ones to me! All I had to do was upload and overwrite. Thanks Chris!
Tyler Miller

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Author: Chris Robinson

Based out of San Diego, CA, Contempo is a small web design studio headed up by designer Chris Robinson. We specialize in beautifully simple & usable Web Design, Premium WordPress Themes, Site Templates, Stock Art & Freebies!.

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