“WP Structure - 8 in 1 Premium WP Theme” Changelog by “Chris Robinson (contempoinc)” v1.8

“WP Structure - 8 in 1 Premium WP Theme”


v1.8 8/11/2011

  1. Updated TimThumb to latest version.

v1.7 7/14/2011

  1. Corrected Nivo slider for WordPress 3.2

v1.6 1/5/2010

  1. Added Theme Update Notifier, get theme update notifications pushed directly to your admin panel.

v1.5 12/29/2010

  1. Added Quick Insert Buttons for all Shortcodes into the TinyMCE Post Editor Bar.

v1.4 6/17/2010

  1. Added WordPress 3.0 Menu Support, with fallback and active state to nav when hovering dropdowns
    • Added function to lines 252-276 in admin > theme_functions.php
    • Replaced old menu code with custom function line 35 in header.php
    • Added #nav li:hover > a to line 526 in style.css

v1.3 5/18/2010

  1. Added Support for multiple sidebars
    • Added functions for blog, page and global sidebars to lines 3-31 in functions.php
    • Replaced old sidebar call with new if statement lines 3-13 in sidebar.php

v1.2 5/13/2010

  1. Added widgetized footer
    • Added widget function lines 13-21 to functions.php
    • Added widget footer call to footer.php lines 3-9
    • Added widget ul li border-bottom styling to style.css lines 923-925
    • Added #footerwidget div styling to style.css lines 962-967

v1.1 5/12/2010

  1. Added new dummy content XML file.
  2. Updated dummy content upload instructions.

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Created: 5/12/2010
By: Chris Robinson (contempoinc)
Email: chris@contempographicdesign.com